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   Kimberly IGATE
   KD7VKZ Tilt/Pan
   K6ZVA Trailer
   K6ZVA Flight-Tracker
   K6ZVA ATV Transmitter
   K6ZVA Cut-Down
   KD7VKZ Tracker
   Alt/Az -> HA/Dec
   Kenwood TH-D7

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Magic Valley Hams
It was great fun, but there has been no new balloon activity since 2006, and I don't expect anything new.


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Kimberly IGATE The Kimberly Igate
Tilt Pan KD7VKZ Tilt Pan antenna / camera mount
K6ZVA Commuinications Trailer Communicatons Trailer
K6ZVA Flight Tracker K6ZVA Flight Tracker. This device is flown at the top of the fight stack and provides two independent APRS transmitters, and a command channel to trigger cut down by ground control.
K6ZVA ATV Transmitter Package ATV transmitter.
K6ZVA Cutdown K6ZVA Cutdown.
KD7VKZ Mobile Tracker KD7VKZ Mobile Tracker. What we take on the road to chase the balloon. This is a setup that can be installed in any vehicle quite easily, and either run on its own battery, or off the vehicle battery.
Alt/Az -> HA/Dec Alt/Az to HA/Dec conversion program for HP-15C calculator.
Kenwood TH-D7 Info Tips and links for using the Kenwood TH-D7 handheld.

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