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Magic Valley Hams
It was great fun, but there has been no new balloon activity since 2006, and I don't expect anything new.

Kenwood TH-D7 Monitor APRS programming

These settings should be the minium needed to monitor APRS traffic on 144.390.
WARNING: The first step is a full reset of the radio.
ALL existing programming WILL BE LOST!

Full reset: menu, 1, 5, 9, full reset, yes

Make both bands 144 MHz: A/B until lower entry is selected, f-A/B to select 144 on band 2.

Set Band B to receive 144.390: VFO, ENT, 1, 4, 4, 3, 9, ENT

Set Band B to Data: Menu, 1, 4, 1, Select data band B.

Set DCD to Data or Transmit: Menu, 1, 4, 2, Select D or T band.

APRS SETUP:  Menu, 2, make the following settings:

1 - My callsign: KD7VKZ
2 - GPS Unit: NMEA
3 - Waypoint: off
4 - My position: skip, will be set by GPS
5 - Poa Ambigu: off
6 - Pos comment: Off Duty
7 - Pos Limit: 100 Mi.
8 - APRS Icon: as desired...
9 - Status Text: blank
A - Status Tx: off
B - Packet Path: WIDE2-2
C - Data TX: Manual
D - TX Interval: 30 min
G - Display Area: Entire Disp
H - Mile/KM: Mile
I - Temperature: F
J - Auto Reply: off
K - Reply Msg: blank
L - Msg Group: don't care
M - Data band: B
N - Packet Speed: 1200 bps
O - Time zone: UTC-6 MST, UTC-7 MDT
P - TX Delay: 500ms

Also available in Text format.

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